Reynolds Certified


A Reynolds Certified Vehicle provides you the following: 3 Year - 100,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty:

Engine - Cylinder block, Cylinder Head(s) and all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine.  Also includes: Diesel Engine Coverage, Hybrid Engine Coverage and Rotary Engine Coverage.

Turbocharger / Supercharger - (Factory Installed Only) Turbocharger / Supercharger Housing and all Internal Parts.

Transmission - (Automatic or Standard) Transmission Case and all Internal Parts.

Transfer Case - Transfer Case and all Internal Parts; Internal Nuts / Bolts and Fasteners.

Drive Axel - (Front and Rear) Drive Axel Case and all Internal Parts contained within the Drive Axle.

Lockout - In the event the keys for your vehicle are accidentally locked in your vehicle, this benefit covers expenses for locksmith services.

24-Hour Road Service Benefit - In the event your vehicle becomes disabled and requires on-site assistance.

A Reynolds Certified Vehicle also provides you the Peace of Mind knowing that our Factory Trained Technicians have inspected the following features....

 Vehicle History 
  •  Vin Inspection
  •  Automatic Transaxle / Transmission Fluid
  •  Service Recalls
  •  Transfer Case Fluid
 Road Test
  • Drive Axle Fluid 
  •  Engine Starts and Idles Properly
  •  Power Steering Fluid
  •  Engine Accelerates and Cruises Properly
  •  Washer Fluid
  •  Auto / Manual Transmission Transaxle Operational
  •  Drive Axle / Transfer Case Operational
  •  Fluid Leaks
  •  Clutch Operates Properly
  •  Hoses, Lines, Fittings
  •  Steers Normally
  •  Belts
 Vehicle Diagnostics
  •  Water, Sludge, or Engine Coolant
  •  Module System Test
  •  Timing Belt
  •  Perform Self-Test for all CMDTCs
  •  Oil Pressure
  •  Transmission
  •  Engine Oil / Fluid Change and Chassis Lube
  •  Transaxle
  •  Coolant
  •  Differential and Transfer Case
  •  Brake Fluid
  •  Automatic Transmission / Transaxle
  •  Manual Transmission / Transaxle
  •  Differential and Transfer Case
  •  4x4 Hub Operational